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Barbara Bush

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When there was a local labor dispute going on at Witchita Subaru dealership, the protestors brought out the big guns, with this sign:

Shame on Subaru of Witchita

It reads: "Shame on Subaru of Witchita."


Smeone cooked up a clever response, placing it alongside the original sign, with the same font, coloring, and size:

For having unbeatable prices


Theirs reads: "For Having Unbeatable Prices."


The result?

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Nun stuns all four judges on The Voice

This "sunshine moment" sure made my day! The Voice is a smash-hit in the USA, with amazing talent, and lots of great surprises. But last night, check out what happened on the Italian version of The Voice!

At first look, you'd think it was a joke, when a nun was poised, ready to belt out a an Alecia Keys hit, as the judges sat, backs faced to the talent, without a clue who, or what amazing graces they were about to witness. 

The rock star was tearing up, and so was I. Thanks, Italian version of The Voice! 


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