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paGO Commerce For Joomla goes live

The launch of this new e-commerce suite is one of the big reasons I joined the team at 'corePHP' this year, to help with the launch of a brand-new e-commerce software brand that's been long overdue in the Joomla CMS world. I first heard about paGO Commerce (it was still un-named back then) almost four years ago from the partners at the 'corePHP' team, while they were at one of our annual CMS Expo technology events that I'm fortunate to host and produce.  

I was excited back then to be one of many to help with some advice and ideas on how to build the software right, right from the start for small and middle tier businesses. I was also excited to witness how many other people got involved in helping them achieve the goal of putting a high quality solution out on the market for current and would-be Joomla website owners and integrators.

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Paris, China? Someone in China thought it was a great idea to clone Paris, France. So, they built its nearly identical twin city, at nearly full scale. Seriously! Check out this video. They also built the world's largest shopping center which opened in 2011, and promptly failed. So, what do you do when the streets of Faux Paris are empty, and the Mall of More Air-ica go belly up?

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Helsinki did it. London's planning for it. New York's thinking about it.

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Here''s a quick video to illustrate the incredible process each and every Tesla automobile goes through, to come straight to your garage (if you can afford it). The future of manufacturing for the USA? No doubt.

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