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Senator Rubin takes on Sen Tom Harkin regarding Cuba and Venezuela being a

Rubio Dismantles Iowa Senator On The Senate Floor, Reminding America Why Cuba and Venezuela Are Not Harkin’s “Paradise”


You think Cuba is a paradise? Iowa Democrat Senator Tom Harkin just returned from an official tour in Cuba, and upon his return, characterized Cuba as a “paradise” in many ways.

A pardise? Really, Senator Harkin?

Tough-minded math teacher Jim O'Connor has an alter ego his students never knew about.

His Students Thought They Knew Jim O’Connor…

Jim O’Connor is a hard-nosed math teacher at St. Francis School near Los Angeles; not what his students would call “warm and fuzzy.” But watch this inspiring video as his students find out about  his alter ego, who volunteers at a local children’s hospital several days a week to comfort babies, with love and affection. Pretty amazing.


Is Democracy Dying In The United States?

Let’s face it, either a majority of today’s elected leaders in Washington D.C. are Anti-Democracy, or an immoral minority is strong-arming the rest (with the US Press Corps as a party to it all) to move the United States away from the individual freedoms that our founding fathers delivered, risking everything in doing so.

Newt Gingrich skewers Wolf Blitzer on media bias

Watch Newt Gingrich Skewer Wolf Blitzer’s Selective Outrage on CNN

Thank you, Newt Gingrich, for once again pointing out the selective outrage displayed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, as the CNN  attempts time and time again to attach right-wing rocker Ted Nugent’s rhetoric to a Republican candidate.

Wolf vs. Roberts: A make or break for Tea Party supporters?

Doctor Wolf Draws Blood In U.S. Senate Race For Kansas

47-year career politician U.S. Senator Pat Robertsseems to have found himself up against a healthy conservative opponent inDoctor Milton Wolf. We’ll see how well the new conservative “wolfpack” supports the good doctor, and how well that pack fares against the strength of incumbency.

Photo of jogger being arrested in Austin, Texas, as reported by the Blaze.

What The Bleep Is Going On In Austin, Texas?

The Daily Texan, the student newspaper for the University of Texas at Austin, reported that police arrested the woman for failing to provide identification.

Student Chris Quintero, who the Daily Texan reported witnessed the arrest, said he saw the woman jogging with headphones on when police ran after her. When the woman failed to stop, the officer grabbed her by the arm and handcuffed her, Quintero said.

An Operating System So Mavericky, Even Sarah Palin Would Approve

Sarah Pailn Mavericky

Upgraded my Mac system to OS X Mavericks, and got this free screen saver and desktop wallpaper to boot! Want your own? Right click /save  the image below:

Charles Krauthammer on Global Warming

Krauthammer: The Unsettled Science of Global Warming

A rather compelling argument by Charles Krauthammer on the “unsettled science of global warming.”  

doves under attack

Angry Birds Get Owned By Pope Francis’ Doves

doves under attack

Peace doves were released in the Vatican this week, after a prayer by Pope Francis for peace in the Ukraine. Children accompanying Pope Francis set the doves free before a massive gathering of the faithful in St. Peter’s Square (or as I like to call it, Saint Peter’s Circle).

“I Want To Be a Democrat.”

You just gotta love this tweet. I have made it my quote of the day, from Independent Journal Review‘s Managing Editor, Kyle Becker:   I want everything in life paid for while taking no responsibility. I want to take offense and call you a “racist.” I want to be a Democrat. — IJReview Ed. (@kylenbecker) February 16, 2014

Trey Gowdy, US Representative from South Carolina.

Trey Gowdy: Nancy Pelosi “Mind-numblingly Stupid.”

So, do you agree with U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy, when he reacted to Nancy Pelosi’s recent accusation toward Republicans of voter suppression, characterizing her commentary as “Mind-numbingly stupid”? Take a look at the video from Fox News here:  


The Only Solution: Decommission The IRS

It’s time to decommission the IRS. Sink the rusty old ship, before it sinks us.

On February 2nd, before the Superbowl, Barack Obama was interviewed by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly. Among other questions, Obama was asked whether there is any corruption going on inside the IRS. President Obama infamously answered “not a smidgeon of corruption.”

Was he being fetecious? Sarcastic? Arrogant? The President of the United States of America couldn’t have been less presidential, in front of  about one third of the world’s population. I’m sure the IRS wasn’t appreciative of that kind of “support” either.

Freedomworks and Rand Paul Sue President Obama Over Unconstitutional Warrants

We challenge Coca-Cola to truly solve the obesity problem first.

Coca-Cola’s Own Weight Problem Won’t Go Away.

Coca-Cola’s recent ad campaign is trending on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and it’s no wonder why. The mixing of “It’s the real thing” campaign of the 1970s resonates in their new series of messages, which get intertwined with political messages, written in the tone of “perfect harmony;” but they hit on divisive issues, sparking controversy.  The backlash sure looks pre-meditated. It sure looks like they’re …

Coca-Cola’s Own Weight Problem Won’t Go Away. See More

Sir Nicholas Winton

Touching Tribute To a Man Who Saved Everyone In The Audience

A friend of mine turned me on to this incredible clip from 1988, aired by the BBC, telling of the heroics of Sir Nicholas Winton. Winton, shown front-and-center in this video, didn’t realize the people in the audience were all there for him, to say “thank you.”

Thin To Win.

Too Thin To Win: Rachel Fredrickson’s Matthew MacConaughey Moment

Thin To Win.
Did The Biggest Loser Just Jump The Shark When Rachel Fredrickson Stunned the Audience?

The Biggest Loser’s live finale ushered in the show’s first Matthew McConaughey moment last night, as winner Rachel Fredrickson took the prize in front of a stunned audience. Ending up at a svelt 105 pounds, she lost 155 pounds of her former self.

The New Face of Microsoft: New CEO Satya Nadella

The New Face of Microsoft: Meet CEO Satya Nadella

The New Face of Microsoft: New CEO Satya Nadella
Today, Microsoft’s board of directors announced its selection for CEO, taking over for Steve Ballmer, who announced his retirement last year. Microsoft named Satya Nadella as CEO. The appointment is effective immediately. Nadella previously held the position of Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group.

Given Nadella’s long history with Microsoft, coming from the enterprise-end, and close working relationship with current and past leadership, one would be hard-pressed to predict any immanent changes in strategy, but we’ll keep ya posted. Meanwhile, a bit more background on the new CEO…

Charles Krauthammer:

Krauthammer: How Unconstitutional Must Our President Act, In Order To Be Impeached?

Wow, did Charles Krauthammer just say the words, “unbelievably unconstitutional” on-air? Has it really come down to this?

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