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iF Concept Design Awards 2014 – Select from 300 Shortlisted Entries

As Steve Jobs puts is, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” and we cannot help but being big-time fans of innovators. Imagination, inspiration and discovering the possibilities of our own thinking, is what Yanko Design is all about. It’s only natural that we become the seeding ground for innovations. Here is a teaser of what to expect from this year’s design thinkers; select sixty designs …

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The Powerline Quadrocopter of the Future?

The PLC28 is a futuristic quadrocopter concept specifically designed to aid in the dangerous task of maintaining power lines. No more truck and ladder adventures— the piloted multi-rotor design provides stability for technicians to work from a safe platform to make repairs or complete general maintenance. It’s easier for workers and quicker recovery from power outages.

Shame on Subaru of Witchita

How To Turn a Labor Dispute Into a Marketing Opportunity

When there was a local labor dispute going on at Witchita Subaru dealership, the protestors brought out the big guns, with this sign:

Shame on Subaru of Witchita

It reads: “Shame on Subaru of Witchita.”


Smeone cooked up a clever response, placing it alongside the original sign, with the same font, coloring, and size:

For having unbeatable prices


Theirs reads: “For Having Unbeatable Prices.”


The result?

Minimal Pen With a Twist

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! This sculptural pen looks out of whack for a reason! Appropriately named Align, the pen is segmented in three sections that the user must align to begin using. Yes, it’s that simple and that cool! Watch the vid to see how it works —> Designer: Beyond Object – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the …

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Ring it on!

Rings are powerful. A simple wedding ring can get a man partnered to a woman and deem him incapable of slipping away. Well here is the wedding ring for your smartphone. The CELLTACK seems like the next best thing to being Magneto. This wearable magnetic dock makes your smart phone stick onto you with the intensity that rivals a possessive girlfriend. The CELLTACK consists of two parts. …

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Man’s Best Lamp!

This creative floor lamp takes the shape of a playful pooch for tail-wagging fun and instant illumination! Composed of a red cloth covered cord that looks like a leash and LEDs inside laser-cut plexiglass, the design is lightweight and durable enough to “walk” around your home. You can even set it down to “stay” or tilt it upright to “stand” … I wish my pups were so …

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If it gets us closer to brownies it’s a good thing!

To keep it short and oh-so-sweet, Blisk takes the hard work out of mixing fine ingredients. Traditional countertop mixers are often large, cumbersome and messy, but Blisk is easy to use and only slightly larger than the average spatula. Controlled with a simple pair of +/- buttons, the spin speed can be set with the push of a finger to ensure you get the perfect mix. When …

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Nun stuns all four judges on The Voice

Nun Takes The Stage On The Voice, and THIS Happened…

This “sunshine moment” sure made my day! The Voice is a smash-hit in the USA, with amazing talent, and lots of great surprises. But last night, check out what happened on the Italian version of The Voice! At first look, you’d think it was a joke, when a nun was poised, ready to belt out a an Alecia Keys hit, as the judges sat, backs faced to …

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Sleek Backpack For Urban Adventurers

Ember Equipment’s modular urban backpack is a well thought out everyday/travel pack for active urban citizens. This rugged back pack can be a helpful companion in a double life spanning from urban streets to jungle trails. If you are the kind of person who escapes from the urban chaos into the soothing lap of nature at any possible chance, this 20 litre pack has the right set …

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For the Note Taker, Money Maker

For the multitasking man, Bfofo’s premiere product, the Note:Wallet, was designed so that you never again leave home without the simple necessities: cash, cards, paper and pen. Now you can jot down that lyric that’s been in your head, leave your number for that cute waitress, or simply keep your grocery list handy! Minimal yet highly functional, the wallet’s unique composition of stainless steel, leather, aluminum and …

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Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

How We Really Feel: The 2016 Race For Illinois Governor

Photo Credit: Chicago TribunePhoto Credit: Chicago Tribune

They say it’s “anyone’s” race for Illinois Governor in 2015-2016. I agree:

Anyone but Blago vs Anyone but Quinn.

Phantom of the marina – Rolls-Royce inspired yacht

Rolls-Royce and Yachts. That is how high rollers roll on both Terra firma and Aqua fluida. So why not blend em both into a single entity to make a splash (quite literally) in the luxury scene? That is what Stefan Munro has attempted with his Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept. With a 14.5m length, the 450EX is intended as a daytime luxury cruiser with the prestige of …

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Cute Baby Popsicle

Love this Popsicle Baby Thermometer for infants. The intuitive shape makes them what to lick it and put it in the mouth. The exact reason why this concept will work! Kudos for an intelligent solution, what do you think? Designers: Hsing Min and Xia Lou – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE – We are more than just concepts. …

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FARM:shop Opens In East London

Conceived and created by the social design practice Something & Son, FARM:shop opened in March 2011, transforming a previously derelict shop in Dalston Lane into a fertile centre for food production and allowing city dwellers to catch a whiff of the countryside in East London. It is run as an urban farming hub that houses an Aquaponic for fish farming, a hightech indoor allotment, a rooftop chicken coop and a polytunnel used as a greenhouse.

Emergency inflight diagnosis with e+ patch

Everyday, 6 million people travel by airplanes globally. With such large numbers, the probability of medical emergencies during flights are also very high. For this reason, the flight attendants are trained and certified for administering emergency first aid mid-flight before expert care can be availed to the affected person. The ‘e+ emergency patch’ is a compact system designed to diagnose conditions to help in accurately administering first …

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Brilliant Idea! A Pinch of Life

Salt – the one ingredient that can make or break your signature dish! Understandably, this is why the Pinch was the first product ever launched via Kickstarter. It is the drama and experience of adding ‘a pinch of salt’ to the dish that makes it exciting.

Trey Gowdy speaks on the House floor

Trey Gowdy Pleads To Reclaim Congressional Powers, Ceded To The Executive Branch

Looking for some hope in our embattled Congress? Check this speech out, by U.S. Rep Trey Gowdy, in defense of the ENFORCE The Law Act.


Putin’s Ukranian Power Grab


One look at the natural gas power grid, and it’s easy to understand why Vladimir Putin has a power problem on his hands, one that even the Obama Administration could find easy to understand.  Ukraine has long been under the thumb of “mother Russia” politically. Among other reasons, over 30% of western Europe’s demand for natural gas flows from Russia through Ukraine.

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