Month: April 2014

10 Commandments

The All-Time Number One Self-Help Book: The Ten Commandments

Some of us may need a reminder of how to conduct our everyday lives. So, what better primary resource than two tablets of stone, authored by God circa 1446 BC, and published by Moses. Turns out, there’s no greater self-help book than the Ten Commandments. 

Brilliant Passive iPhone Amplifiers

Passive phone amplifiers reminds me of gramophone speakers from the past. The coming together of present day smartphone technology with old school charm of passive amplifiers is an intriguing mix. The Megatono line of passive iphone amplifiers from ECOtono changes this equation by bringing in contemporary colours and forms into their products. This vibrant set of passive speakers look much modern when compared to the rest of its kind that deliberately dons the old school look.

Get Your Very Own Grass Printer To Send a Cutting Edge Message!

Move over dot matrix, because here comes the grass matrix. The Grass Printer is an automated mower that lets you create messages and art on your lawn. The mower’s smaller sized blades (resolution matters!) can selectively cut the grass to recreate whatever you sketch on its touchscreen.

Small motors move the cutter shaft horizontally and vertically to create the selective trimming. The area of the art is defined by four sensors placed at each corner. Get one for yourselves and create the mother of all status messages. Of course on grass!

Credibility Killer: Senator Blumenthal nearly avoids fast-moving train during his own railroad safety press conference

Irony: At His Own Railroad Safety Presser, Senator Nearly Gets Hit By a Train

Credibility Killer: Senator Blumenthal nearly avoids fast-moving train during his own railroad safety press conference
Question: What nearly became black and white, and red all over?
Answer: Senator Richard Blumenthal’s safety statistics chart.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal staged a press conference Friday on a rail platform to decry a “laxity and lapse in safety and reliability” by the Metro-North Railroad, according to The Associated Press.

Barbara Bush

Quote Of The Week: Barbara Bush

Pope Francis and President Obama Meet For The First Time

The Vatican Press Office has released a statement on Thursday morning’s meeting between Pope Francis and U.S President Barack Obama. The statement notes that the two leaders discussed “current international themes” and expressed the hope that “in areas of conflict there would be respect for humanitarian and international law and a negotiated solution between the parties involved.”

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