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Feeble Brained Withdrawal

Feeble Brained Withdrawal

Statement on August 30, 2021 by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States  Never in history has a withdrawal from war been handled so badly or incompetently as the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. In addition to the obvious, ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States, and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost. If …

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Quit living in fear

Quit Living In Fear. Just Make Them Fire You.

It’s time to hold the line, folks. Stand up to vax mandates by Communist sympathizing employers. This is our one chance to stop employers from being the government’s slave drivers, and take back our country’s biggest employers. It’s simple (not easy): Just Say “NO” to unethical vax mandates. Even many of those who already volunteered to take the jab know in their hearts, forced injection is just …

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Pray For Healing

Padre Pio’s Prayer For Healing

Intro by Phillip Tan, God Help Me (Medium)  You crave divine healing but you wonder if God will listen to your prayers. You are in unbearable pain. You are worried. You are losing sleep. You are afraid. You have forgotten that God has left numerous messages for you in the Bible. He knows your pains and your needs. Let’s start with a simple prayer to God and …

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Letter request

How To Write a Public Records Request Letter

From Colorado’s Freedom of Information Coalition.  Writing an open records request letter can be a little intimidating. Below are some tips for crafting a letter so that you have a better chance of getting the records you’re seeking (or if you’re denied, getting a proper explanation as to why). Download CFOIC’s template for writing a Colorado Open Records Act or Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act request letter. …

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Educate yourself

Educate Yourself (Don’t be a sucker)

Information from World Doctors Alliance, posted on August 25, 2021   I gathered all vaccine ingredients into a list and contacted Poison Control. After intros and such, and asking to speak with someone tenured and knowledgeable, this is the gist of that conversation. Me: My question to you is how are these ingredients categorized? As benign or poison? (I ran a few ingredients, formaldehyde, Tween 80, mercury, …

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The Best Is Yet To Come

9-11 vs 11-9: Quantum Coincidence or God’s Providence?

This morning, I did a quick check to find out when the next midterm elections are to be held. Turns out, it’s on November 9, 2022. It struck me, the date of 11-9 is a direct mirror opposite to 9-11. Shivers went through my body as I contemplated what that meant, if anything. I’m not a numerology guy, I’m not superstitious, and after the past five years …

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Incompetence In Afghanistan Withdrawal

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America   Can anyone even imagine taking out our Military before evacuating civilians and others who have been good to our Country and who should be allowed to seek refuge? In addition, these people left topflight and highly sophisticated equipment. Who can believe such incompetence? Under my Administration, all civilians and equipment would have been removed. …

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Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel in Hebrew Scripture

By James Pugh, God In Government The research for this post came from the actual Hebrew scriptures and the Ancient Hebrew Research Center. You will find a lot of copying and paste so that you get the actual context of Hebrew scripture and exactly the meaning. We have all heard the story of Cain and Abel. Two brothers bring their sacrifices to God; Abel’s sacrifice is accepted, …

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The Creation of the Two Bloodlines

By James Pugh, God Is Government   Psalm 8:5 and Hebrew 2:8 tell us that man was created lower than the angels. We, in God’s Kingdom, are constitutionally inferior. We may ask, now why would God do this? God did this to demonstrate what He could do with less when less was solely dependent upon Him than what He could have done with more when they rebelled against …

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God Is Government - Discussion on DNA

A Discussion of DNA

By Jim Pugh, God Is Government This is going to be fun and frustrating at the same time. For some they will understand and accept that in everything of God’s creation exists His DNA. provides the most non-scientific language definition of DNA. It states, “Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is a molecule that contains the instructions an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. These instructions are …

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