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Lead Writer of George Bush's 2007 SOTU Speech Accuses Obama of Plagiarism


You can NOT make this stuff up. Come to think of it, neither could Obama, he needed George Bush to say it first. So Obama goes from blaming George Bush to plagiarizing him. Classic.

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What The??? Snow Rollers In Ohio!

Snow Rollers In OhioSnow Rollers - Super cool natural phenomenon going on in Ohio right now. Photo by Miranda Granche.





See more Snowrollers here, shared by the Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, Ohio.


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Content By Satan: CBS Airs a Real Satanic Ritual During Prime Time

GRAMMYS #FAIL with CBS Satanic performance

Yes, that really was a Satanic Ritual you may have buzzed past, when you were flipping through the channels, and caught a glimpse of the worst. GRAMMYS. EVER, broadcasted to over 28 million viewers on CBS last night. It can't get much lower than this.

Sorry to see so many artists, demeaned by the Recording Academy's incredibly poor judgment, to broadcast this very real, and very dangerous content. If the Recording Academy Foundation (org behind the GRAMMYS) had any credibility, it should issue an apology to viewers, as should CBS.

(embedded video removed - no reason to share the trash with others, and help CBS)

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30 Years Ago, Steve Jobs First Introduced the World to the New Apple Macintosh. Watch the Unveiling In This Historic Video

In January of 1984, Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple Macintosh publicly for the first time to a packed house at the Boston Computer Society. A little over a year later, Steve Jobs would be booted from the driver's seat (only to return after an eleven year banishment). Time Magazine got the exclusive to debut this 90-minute video of computer history this week. The whole story is beautifully shared here, by Time's Harry McCracken.

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When We're Marketing Marketing, Something's Wrong

I'm just old enough to remember when the USA was not only known for, but proud of things we make. As I was shoveling the driveway yesterday in zero-degrees (F), I got to thinking

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What an Ad Guy Does When He's Ticked Off About the State of the State He Lives In

Left Illinois concept ad

Answer: That "ad guy" creates a concept ad about the idea to secede to Wisconsin.Yup, I can tell you, it sure felt good to get that idea out of my head. Sure the idea's "way out there," but so is living for decades here, knowing how great this state of Illinois could be, if we didn't have Chicago's polital inbred twits running (and ruining) everything they touch.

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White House Says, "Let's Be Clear, Benghazi Was a Long Time Ago."


Ask the U.S. Ambassador's wife if it feels like Benghazi happened "a long time ago." Ask any Navy S.E.A.L. if Benghazi has left their memories yet. Ask the mothers and fathers of our fallen soldiers who acted like soldiers, heroes who deserve the respect of all Americans for their sacrifice in a futile attempt to protect U.S. civilans and military.

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