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Father Barron: What is Lent?

In this video, Father (now Bishop) Robert Barron delivers an excellent description of the Christian celebration of Lent.

Author Ann SwindellFor another execellent perspective on Lent, Relevant Magazine's Ann Swindell shares four key reasons for Lent: 1) Lent is a reminder of our need to repent; 2) Lent is a paring down of our excesses; 3) Lent reminds us of our humanity; and 4) Lent sobers us, in order to prepare for celebration (Easter).

See Ann's full article here.


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On This Rock

You are Peter, and on this rock I shall build my Church.

Just about 2,000 years ago, Jesus laid out the grand plan for us all. His Holy Apostle Peter was made the "rock" upon which His Church would be built. The word of God, our Jesus Christ flowed through the Holy Spirit to the Apostles, Disciples and the holy Church then, and God's word flows through our holy Church today.

"You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it
(Matthew 16:18)

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Faithful 40 For Lent (Revised)

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I thought I'd "give up" something new this year for Lent. Instead of intending to finally write something here on Citisun about faith, I'd actually commit to it, in a very visible way. So the commitment I decided to make is to create 40 articles about my faith, over the 46 days of Lent.

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New Free, Open Source E-commerce Cart Hits the Market For Joomla Fans

paGO Commerce For Joomla goes live

The launch of this new e-commerce suite is one of the big reasons I joined the team at 'corePHP' this year, to help with the launch of a brand-new e-commerce software brand that's been long overdue in the Joomla CMS world. I first heard about paGO Commerce (it was still un-named back then) almost four years ago from the partners at the 'corePHP' team, while they were at one of our annual CMS Expo technology events that I'm fortunate to host and produce.  

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You Are The Light Of The World

You are the light of the world.

Over the past several years, thousands of people in my local area have been touched by an incrediblly fulfilling Christian mission called Light of the World Ministry. Our small group is one of dozens in the local area, and it is growing (much like it did about 2,000 years ago) to ignite peoples' hearts and souls in nearby parishes, towns, counties and states.

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Hostmanship: The Art of Creating a Welcoming Culture

If you're in business, a non-profit organization, membership association or any group that cares about creating an authentically welcoming culture, you're going to love this introductory video from Jan Gunnarsson, author and speaker. Thank you to friend Sarah Watz, for referring this to me to share with others.

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Why Is It So Hard To See Black And Blue? Salvation Army's Powerful Campaign To Fight Abuse Against Women and Children

Seeing black and blue

Someone was thinking, when they created this powerful image on behalf of Carehaven, a program operated by the Salvation Army in Capetown, South Africa. The infamous "black and blue, or is it gold and white" dress was featured by the Salvation Army in this hard-hitting campaign.

Domestic abuse affects many women in South Africa. One in every four women is a victim of domestic violence, and every six hours a woman is killed by her intimate partner. Many women fall into a cycle of abuse, moving from one destructive situation to another.

Abuse impacts on every aspect of a women’s life, destroyed self esteem. The Salvation Army provides several shelters for abused women and their children and an opportunity for them to find healing and learn skills that will empower them to cope as self-reliant members of society.

Carehaven is situated in Athlone, Western Cape, and offers sanctuary and short term housing to up to 60 women who are victims of domestic abuse and their children. Although a strong Christian emphasis in maintained, women of all races and creeds are embraced, and no one is ever turned away due to lack of money.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if sellers of "THE" dress would donate a percentage of their profits to Carehaven and domestic abuse causes? Hey, put some pressure on the makers of the dress and retailers too, maybe we could start something good!

To help, or for more information about Carehaven, go here

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China's Little-Known Clone of Paris

Another One of China's Empty Cities: This is Just Weird. 

Paris, China? Someone in China thought it was a great idea to clone Paris, France. So, they built its nearly identical twin city, at nearly full scale. Seriously! Check out this video. They also built the world's largest shopping center which opened in 2011, and promptly failed. So, what do you do when the streets of Faux Paris are empty, and the Mall of More Air-ica go belly up?

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Is The Future of Cities Under Ground?

Helsinki did it. London's planning for it. New York's thinking about it.

Here's a little taste of what the future could bring with "earthscrapers" replacing skyscrapers, underground parks and more.

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His Name Is Garey Coonen

Garey Coonen

I have a personal favor to ask you. I'm feeling a little blue today about the recent loss of my dad. It was last December 16th, 2013, but some days it still seems like yesterday to me. So, would you please say a prayer for the soul of my dad? His name is Garey Coonen. He really was (and is) an amazing person!

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Three Thousand Employees and 160 Robots Make a Tesla


Here''s a quick video to illustrate the incredible process each and every Tesla automobile goes through, to come straight to your garage (if you can afford it). The future of manufacturing for the USA? No doubt.

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A Trip To Fraser Island, Australia: Roughing It In Style

If you're up for an authentic adventure, head on over to Fraser Island, off the coast of eastern Australia. Bring your all-wheel drive vehicle and a UEV-490 Trailer too! This video segment will either take you on a mini adventure, or leave you wondering, "Why would ANYONE EVER do that?"

Fraser Island, Australia - Offroad

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Who's Really To Blame For Our Government's Failures, Democrats or Republicans?

Nobody wins when we fight ourselves

Democrats blame Republicans for the failure of our government. Just as loudly, Republicans blame Democrats for the failure of our government. I've got to say, I think this may be the one time when both sides are telling the truth.

Just as the Executive and Legislative Branches of U.S. government were designed to make balanced progress through a constant struggle for both progress and power, so should the relationship between our politicians and citizens work. Obviously, it's not working. 

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