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My Goal: Go To Sudan and Print Daniel a New Arm

Project Daniel

Not Impossible's "Project Daniel: uses 3D printers to make prosthetic arms for children ravaged by war in South Sudan

Not Impossible, LLC Taps Into the Innovation Community to Transform Lives and Revolutionize Healthcare by Facilitating DIY, Open-Source Technology Collaborations, and Compelling Action via Inspiring Content

A Venice, California media and technology company is using 3D printing to provide hands and arms for amputees in South Sudan and the war-torn Nuba Mountains. In November, 2013, Not Impossible printed a prosthetic hand that allowed a teenager to feed himself for the first time in two years.

Project Daniel is the second life-changing project that Not Impossible has unveiled. In 2010, company CEO & founder Mick Ebeling spearheaded the creation of the Eyewriter, eye-tracking glasses with free, open-source software that enabled a renowned graffiti artist paralyzed by ALS to draw and communicate using only his eyes.

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Today's Fearful Democrat

Scaredy crat: Today's fearful Democrat.

To my Democrat friends, 

There's no ambiguity in Lois Lerner's guilt in the IRS scandal.  Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th Amendment, which is her right under the Constitution.  She knows she is guilty, but she also won't provide the rope to hang herself. 

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How To Get To The Truth Behind Benghazi: Waterboard Petraeus With a Civil Lawsuit

General Petraeus - tell the truth

Much as I like seeing Trey Gowdy in action, and know he'll chair the Congressional Benghazi inquiry with exceptional skill and fairness, I have another approach which could save millions of taxpayer dollars AND get to the truth behind what happened in Benghazi.

BEFORE we go through the long, drawn-out, expensive and divisive affair of yet another Congressional investigation, here's an idea...

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Obama's Long List of Shady Dealings

Last updated: June 6, 2014, this list should concern you, if you care about the future of our states, united:

• $6 trillion in new national debt under Obama…after he promised to decrease the deficit.

• Billions of taxpayer dollars gambled on “green” companies like Solyndra, NextEra, Ener1, Solar Trust and many others — all of which went bankrupt. 

• Intentional refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.

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Oprah on Racists: "They Have To Die"

A wise person once said, "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I don't think Oprah Winfrey was following that line of thinking when she sat down for this trainwreck BBC interview. Oprah lets her inner Macheavelli hang out. She did realize the red light was lit up on the camera, didn't she? 

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I Want This Boat

This catamaran prototype can't come out on the market soon enough for me. ;)

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