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Do We Have Truth Yet? 1024 512 Linda Coonen

Do We Have Truth Yet?

Are We There Yet? If you have kids, you have heard “Are we there yet?” a million times from the back seat. If you live in the Midwest during tornado season, or on the coast during hurricane season, you have heard “Do we have electricity back yet?” more times than you can count. Anyone else…

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In the arms of my father
In the Arms of My Father 1024 512 Linda Coonen

In the Arms of My Father

I don't know much, but I do know that every time I walk into a Catholic Church – anywhere in the world, any time of day or night – it feels like home, like walking into my father's arms.  My earthly father has been gone over 12 years now, and I miss him every day! When I walk into church, my Heavenly Father welcomes me with the same warm, accepting, pure love that I felt every time my dad hugged me! Yes, I encounter God  wherever I go. read more
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