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Emergency inflight diagnosis with e+ patch

Emergency inflight diagnosis with e+ patch

Emergency inflight diagnosis with e+ patch 150 150 Citisun

Everyday, 6 million people travel by airplanes globally. With such large numbers, the probability of medical emergencies during flights are also very high. For this reason, the flight attendants are trained and certified for administering emergency first aid mid-flight before expert care can be availed to the affected person. The ‘e+ emergency patch’ is a compact system designed to diagnose conditions to help in accurately administering first aid to inflight heart attack scenarios.

The patch combines ECG, Oximetry and RR band in a compact profile to be carried and stored in an average first aid kit in a commercial airplane.The set consist of 2 different parts, the OXIMETRY which is connected to the index finger, and e-PATCH which is adhered to the chest.

For the sake of hygiene, the e-PATCH features a modular assembly where the base patch is disposable after a single use while its MODULE-e, which houses the major set of electronic components, can be reused.

Designers: Eduardo Rincón & Gallardo Martinez

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