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Phantom of the marina – Rolls-Royce inspired yacht

Phantom of the marina – Rolls-Royce inspired yacht

Phantom of the marina – Rolls-Royce inspired yacht 150 150 Citisun

Rolls-Royce and Yachts. That is how high rollers roll on both Terra firma and Aqua fluida. So why not blend em both into a single entity to make a splash (quite literally) in the luxury scene? That is what Stefan Munro has attempted with his Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept. With a 14.5m length, the 450EX is intended as a daytime luxury cruiser with the prestige of the luxury marque.

His internship at Rolls Royce seems to have helped Stefan to seamlessly embed the design DNA and principles of the RR styling on to a different platform. The subtle exteriors that reflect the sober English etiquette blends smoothly with the aggressive looking exposed parts. o well that it feels like a cup of earl grey spiked with Red Bull.

The Phantomish nose, the stance, the body lines all speaks the RR connect. Ofcourse, in a controlled voice, like gentlemen do. As expected, the interiors are elegantly luxurious. The design also proposes features like monocoque chasis and suspended interiors for added comfort.

Pampered with the stylish aesthetics and luxurious features of 450EX, the only thing left to do would be uncorking that champagne bottle and letting the spirit of ecstasy flow overboard.

Designer: Stefan Monro

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