Sleek Backpack For Urban Adventurers

Ember Equipment’s modular urban backpack is a well thought out everyday/travel pack for active urban citizens. This rugged back pack can be a helpful companion in a double life spanning from urban streets to jungle trails. If you are the kind of person who escapes from the urban chaos into the soothing lap of nature at any possible chance, this 20 litre pack has the right set of compartments to carry all your essentials and equipments. It features padded internal laptop & tablet sleeves, 2 weather-proof exterior gear pockets and more.

Designed by a team with experience in ‘sport, performance and outdoor brands’ the equipment stays true to the wanderlust spirit. It promises ample protection and weather proofing for its contents and has options for upgrading and customization. Ember urban backpack will be at home in both city streets and the camping sites, just like its wearer.

Designer: Ember Equipment

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