Paris in China

China’s Little-Known Clone of Paris

Another One of China’s Empty Cities: This is Just Weird. 

Paris, China? Someone in China thought it was a great idea to clone Paris, France. So, they built its nearly identical twin city, at nearly full scale. Seriously! Check out this video. They also built the world’s largest shopping center which opened in 2011, and promptly failed. So, what do you do when the streets of Faux Paris are empty, and the Mall of More Air-ica go belly up?

Paris in ChinaWell duh. You BUILD, BUILD, BUILD your way out of it, just like any too-big-to-fail government official will tell you!

That’s exactly what high-ranking Chinese officials are doing. Tens of millions (yes, over 65 million!) of empty apartments, thousands of linear miles of paved streets without people to navigate them, billions invested and lost, and still they continue to build.

The good news is, we all get to witness a real-life experiment at full scale, which clearly demonstrates to all what happens when an opressive government simultaneously fosters the reproduction of buildings, while restricting the reproduction of the human beings who might have otherwise lived within them. 

Life didn’t factor into their equation. The result: lifeless, brand-new ghost towns.

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