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Do We Have Truth Yet?

Are We There Yet?

If you have kids, you have heard “Are we there yet?” a million times from the back seat.

If you live in the Midwest during tornado season, or on the coast during hurricane season, you have heard “Do we have electricity back yet?” more times than you can count.

Anyone else frustrated when you bring up a recent event, such as an executive order being signed, or a judge being approved, and family members’, friends’ or co-workers’ first comment is “Why haven’t I heard that yet?”

These are the same people who all just agreed over a beer last weekend that the ALL mainstream media is “bought” and can’t be trusted. You all agreed that the MSM does not present both sides of an issue or argument. MSM is not the source of truth. And yet the first thing they say when you talk about an event that has happened is “Why haven’t I heard that yet?” Do you just want to scream, “Because it was the truth! Because it was factual! Because it wasn’t sensational! It wasn’t serving only one side or one agenda! It wasn’t going to sell ‘papers’!”

“Why haven’t I heard that yet?” is akin to us flipping the light switch when the power is out. Intellectually, we know the power is out. We know flipping the switch is not going to bring the power back on. But we don’t know anything about transformers or power lines so we just keep flipping the switch. We call the electric company and get a message like “We are working on restoring the power in your area. Please check back later.”

We may even find alternative power sources such as candles or flashlights but those other sources have limited power and can be unreliable. But we go about our business for the next few hours the best we can using the limited resources.

Until we forget and walk into another dark room and flip the switch!

During the recent times, there is a common question being asked more and more, “Do we have truth yet?”

We know MSM does not offer the truth. They have no intention of giving us the truth. But every few days, we flip on the TV to see if we have truth yet. We don’t. And we don’t know when it will be restored.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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