Patriot Anons, let’s take a trip down memory lane. It was just 5.5 years ago that Trump announced he was running for President…

Miracle Number One

We did not know just how important that was as most of us were still stuck and lost in the evil and fraudulent reality we’ve come to know as the Matrix. People have no clue just how close we were to the precipice of destruction should Hillary have been elected.

The media, majority of our leaders, all our favorite celebrities, all our favorite athletes and Stars that we stupidly followed, activated and turned against him in an unrelenting fashion. Nobody but Trump could have survived that campaign, overcome the voter fraud, and beat the “most qualified (deep state) presidential candidate”. That was Miracle number one.

Miracle Number Two

On October 28, 2017, the anonymous poster now known as Q, a military intelligence team, went to the grungiest part of the Internet (4chan) and started to post of a plan to not only save America, but to save the world. They spoke of getting rid of all evil and corruption world wide with only continuous statistical coincidences as proof of the validity of the plan.

There were only a few hundred anons there that first night and over the course of a few weeks, after open source investigations by anons into answering questions posted by Q, anons started to piece together the truth about our reality. Information was packaged into memes, word spread, social media accounts began to disseminate this message.

For 3.5 years, we were spit on, called crazy, chastised, ostracized, fired from jobs, lost livelihoods, lost friends, lost loved ones, lost relationships, doxxed, threatened with our lives, belittled, battered, stalked, deleted and so much more – RELENTLESSLY – by not only the media but our peers and neighbors.

During all that, our numbers of support grew to the hundreds of millions spanning over 100 countries across the world. Not only that, but I personally woke up, as did hundreds of thousands, if not more, of some of the most lost and wandering souls found God through the Great Awakening. That was miracle number 2.

Miracle Number 3

From the get go, Trump took all of what we got times 1000, directed right his entire family, himself, his businesses, his reputation, etc. With nonsense Russian investigations, impeachment trials, 25th Amendment threats, virtually zero support in Congress, nor the federal and local court systems.

Even foreign countries, three letter agencies, and all 17 US intelligence agencies, plus Five Eyes, the UN, and the entire global media did everything in their power to stop and end Donald J Trump.

Despite all of this, Trump’s support grew by the millions, as he secured peace in the Middle East, peace with NOKO/SOKO, set record stock market numbers over 100 times, stopped corporate corruption, arrested thousands upon thousands of hardened criminals, sex offenders, arrested and deported MS13 gangs and other violent illegal immigrants, prevented hundreds of thousands if not millions of dying from a Chinese bioweapon, absorbed the federal reserve, and built a massive wall.

Trump did more for America and humanity than the last 10 decades of US political leaders combined and he had MAX RESISTANCE the entire way. That is miracle number 3.

We Were Never Alone.

Trump and Q team are not God nor Jesus, but their plan and their actions are undoubtedly, IMO, guided by Divine Providence. If all of the above is true, then the BEST is SURELY yet to come.

All these trials and tribulations we are going through, as they bring us to our knees we will learn to pray. In prayer and hope we will all find God. And only then we will come to realize that all this pain was just Blessings in disguise.

Look where we have come from. Look where we are now. You MUST know: We were never alone. There is Another standing in the fire next to us and through Him we will all be guided down the lightened path to Freedom- as He intended. There is a reason we are here in the place and time we call “here and now.” There is a reason that despite everything, WE ARE STILL HERE. It’s a feeling that inside that just won’t go away.

Consider This:

What do you think that feeling is? Better question, WHO do you think that feeling is? Even better question, WHY do you think that feeling is? When the book on this movement is completely written it will be widely viewed as a “miracle of epic proportions” and one of the “greatest stories ever told.”

Together we will set free the entire human race from the grips of the greatest force of evil ever known on earth. Have faith. Stay strong. Love. The BEST is Coming. WWG1WGA.

PS. That one ? That’s God. FACT.

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Original post by InevitableET on Telegram | Formatting & minor editing by JC

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