doves under attack

Angry Birds Get Owned By Pope Francis’ Doves

doves under attack

Peace doves were released in the Vatican this week, after a prayer by Pope Francis for peace in the Ukraine. Children accompanying Pope Francis set the doves free before a massive gathering of the faithful in St. Peter’s Square (or as I like to call it, Saint Peter’s Circle).

What came afterwards, some are calling an omen: an air assault by a raven (representing Satan) and seagull (representing sin). The attack was photographed by many, and released by AP News and other major news sources, chronicling the angry birds’ attempt to dominate the peace doves’ flight to glory; but the doves got away.

Raven attacks dove at the Vatican

The doves outnumbered the angry birds, and continued on their path, embarrassing the attackers once again (and yes, it’s happened before). Great leasson, that in order to make a difference, we need to “go out.” Attacks will come, and they may demand an extreme sacrifice, but reaching out to those who need God’s love (and we all do) should never keep us from taking flight.

See video below of the moment of the birds’ release (does not show the attack):

The moral: even when under attack, never stop fighting!


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