Why we have Lent

Faithful 40 For Lent (Revised)

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I thought I’d “give up” something new this year for Lent. Instead of intending to finally write something here on Citisun about faith, I’d actually commit to it, in a very visible way. So the commitment I decided to make is to create 40 articles about my faith, over the 46 days of Lent.

Tonight, I’ll come back and get started on article number one (this one doesn’t count)… Wish me luck! Oh, and feel free to offer your topic ideas, or if you like, I’d be happy to let you post your very own faith-filled messages and thoughts, here on Citisun too.

Peace be with you!

Revised: 2016:

Ash Wednesday, 2016: Well, I fell short of my goal in 2015 by a long shot, so it’s Lent, 2016, and I’m giving it another try – 40 articles about my faith. I also had to do a major re-design and modernization of Citisun, to make it more mobile, and trim back some of the less important content.

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