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AZ House Dems Abandon Capitol In Attempt To Cause Government Shutdown

By Arizona Representative Jake Hoffman (via Telegram)

Today AZ House Democrats abandoned their jobs in an attempt to cause a gov’t shutdown & prevent the House from doing the business of the people of AZ

House Democrats are denying low-income & middle class Arizonans critically important financial relief as we recover from the devastation of COVID. Democrats’ attempt to shutdown the state of AZ is a disgusting new tactic designed to hurt the people of our state for their own partisan gain.

Equally as disturbing is their blocking the creation of an election integrity fund to help pay for the critical election security infrastructure needed to ensure voter confidence.

Make no mistake that it is Democrats who are…

  • trying to shutdown the AZ gov’t
  • blocking your economic relief & tax cuts
  • blocking election integrity funding
  • refusing to do the work of the people of AZ

Democrats’ behavior today is disgusting & their pay should be cut off immediately. Period.

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