How To Get To The Truth Behind Benghazi: Waterboard Petraeus With a Civil Lawsuit

Much as I like seeing Trey Gowdy in action, and know he’ll chair the Congressional Benghazi inquiry with exceptional skill and fairness, I have another approach which could save millions of taxpayer dollars AND get to the truth behind what happened in Benghazi.

BEFORE we go through the long, drawn-out, expensive and divisive affair of yet another Congressional investigation, here’s an idea…


If Egyptian Coptic Christian film producer Mark Basseley Youssef (Innocence of Muslims – yes, THAT video) would file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against citizen David Petraeus (former CIA Director, during Benghazi) for damages resulting from Petraeus’s role in cooking up the false “Benghazi protest” narrative…


Then, the judge, jury and public could likely witness more facts from the sworn testimony of David Petraeus in civil court, with the retired Petraeus fighting to protect his own personal family fortune (and then some) than we witnessed in his sworn testimony before an “all-optics,” toothless Congressional panel, when he was still employed by the US Government, and under the thumb of politicians and government bureaucrats, threatening to expose his extramarital affair. 


The former CIA Director, former U.S. General and war hero David Petraeus knows exactly what happened at Benghazi. He knows who did what, when, why, and at what cost. He is likely the only one with those details in his head who is going through a crisis of conscience right now.

That said, Petraeus is also an honorable company man, not likely to ever come forward on his own, without a great deal of pressure. I’m no FBI profiler, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that if the real culprits in the Benghazi scandal were military, David Petraeus would go to his grave to protect the honor of his brethren with the answers he, and he alone can provide to easily solve the Benghazi crimes that have been covered up.


But, the colluders on the Benghazi cover-up were not military. They were and are, quite the opposite of honorable military men and women. They are self-serving politicians, scrapping to cover their own hides, while pushing their own agenda.

Petraeus is a war hero who, until his fall from grace, was the Stormin’ Norman Schwartskopf of this generation; a patriot and a boots-on-the-ground, action-oriented, conservative-minded leader. 

Petraeus could be the only individual who is likely to shed any real light on the whole sordid affair, but let’s face it, he won’t share what he knows without some rigorous waterboarding. A lawsuit may be the pressure we need – and maybe even the pressure he’d secretly welcome – to spill his guts on this whole sordid mess.

A personal lawsuit, threatening he and his family’s future retirement prospects may be just the painful incentive he needs to hang his hat on as a “legitimate excuse” for him to share the truth he’s likely been struggling to share in the first place. 

In one brief civil court case in Youssef’s southern California county courthouse, General Petraeus can:

  1. defend his own honor by telling the truth, EVEN if it hurts himself personally; he owes his the country he swore to serve the whole truth, and nothing but;
  2. restore legitimate honor to the brave Navy SEALS who died in their futile attempt to defend U.S. Ambassador Stevens and his staff — a false historical narrative is hardly honorable;
  3. hang blame squarely on the real criminals;
  4. take some heat off an Egyptian Coptic Christian movie producer who was made a patsy;

Finally, Petraeus can help us all move forward, saving the country a ton of time, energy, money and anguish we’re in for over the coming weeks and months in the Gowdy Panel, which is already being mocked as a partisan witch hunt by liberals, and will likely be forever dismissed as such, no matter which versional of the truth ever reveals itself.

Would Youssef ever file such a libel lawsuit? Probably not, but hey, it’s an interesting theory on how to get the testimony we need, without all the theatrics and discourse of yet another Congressional panel, that may turn up nothing but a blue dress, and another cynical politician, stonewalling with non-statements like “What difference does it make?” and sadly getting away with it.

With all due respect General Petraeus, there is a simple but painful solution for you. You knew working with this President’s administration would be a major challenge for you ethically, and you were right. As CIA Directors do, you probably conspired with them, and now you regret it. So, as I see it now, this is your mess to clear up by confessing the whole truth.

If you are ever to restore honor to those men, hope for those who work in and around government and military positions, and if you are ever to be forgiven, don’t wait for a silly waterboard to force you to tell the truth, and rip the band-aid off. Come on.

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