Charles Krauthammer:

Krauthammer: How Unconstitutional Must Our President Act, In Order To Be Impeached?

Wow, did Charles Krauthammer just say the words, “unbelievably unconstitutional” on-air? Has it really come down to this?

“He passed a law by executive order that the Congress had rejected, wouldn’t pass. That is unbelievably unconstitutional.” 

-Charles Krauthammer

Yes, yes he did say that. Begs the question, how many times, and in how many ways must people such as Charles Krauthammer (no slouch, when it comes to the law) inform our lawmakers that the President Of The United States is indeed, breaking the law, before someone in an official capacity actually does something about it?

This isn’t about lying under oath about an extramarital affair. It’s not a partisan witch hunt. And it need not be compared to a hypothetical “If a Republican had done this” scenario, as we hear Krauthammer argue. “What-ifs” don’t matter. This is real.

What this is about is a sitting President, choosing to thumb his nose at the Constitution, and in doing so, challenge our resolve. He’s a political bully. Just because he’s better at bullying than his Republican opponents doesn’t make his brand of “unbelievable unconstitutionality” acceptable in the least.

Win or lose in a vote, the U.S. Congress must at least bring the President up on charges, and tell the nation that this is not how ANY President should conduct our nation’s business, period. If they don’t do it, future Presidencies will only get worse.


Charles Krauthammer:


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