Nothing Can Stop US From Coming

My Message:

As I continue to fight I see many in this movement losing hope, giving up and believing we “lost”, so I ask this to those, what did we lose?

We are still sovereign people with freedom, constitutional rights and Gods gift of life, free will and salvation. We as a people, as a movement have grown to an Biblical movement of uprising from tyranny and evil that is beyond control of any man.

We have grown to a point of siding with others we never met to protect and defend the rights givin to us by God, talking to Patriots across the world we never met to aid one another in a movement to free minds of slaves and secure the rights those before us died for. 

We have developed relationships among each other that without this movement would’ve never happened, we’ve turned strangers we never met into brothers and sisters, and created family many never had.

We are a movement that at this point is unstable and the outcome is inevitable. “Nothing can stop what is coming” also applies to our resolve for freedom and independence. We are slaves no more. 

Going forward, what does or doesn’t happen means very little compared to what we have built within each other, a single fighting unit on a global scale, fighting in synchronized techniques to overthrow a tyrannical agenda. 

So hold the line at all costs, everything is at stake at this critical moment in History, this War is not won by waiting on someone else to save you, its won by US as a collective having faith in God and one another to ensure that we’ll never give up nor surrender. Nothing can stop US from coming. WWG1WGA

The Punisher
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