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Freedomworks and Rand Paul Sue President Obama Over Unconstitutional Warrants

Charles Krauthammer:

Krauthammer: How Unconstitutional Must Our President Act, In Order To Be Impeached?

Wow, did Charles Krauthammer just say the words, “unbelievably unconstitutional” on-air? Has it really come down to this?

Lead Writer of George Bush’s 2007 SOTU Speech Accuses Obama of Plagiarism

You can NOT make this stuff up. Come to think of it, neither could Obama, he needed George Bush to say it first. So Obama goes from blaming George Bush to plagiarizing him. Classic.

Left Illinois concept ad

What an Ad Guy Does When He’s Ticked Off About the State of the State He Lives In

Left Illinois concept ad

Answer: That “ad guy” creates a concept ad about the idea to secede to Wisconsin.Yup, I can tell you, it sure felt good to get that idea out of my head. Sure the idea’s “way out there,” but so is living for decades here, knowing how great this state of Illinois could be, if we didn’t have Chicago’s polital inbred twits running (and ruining) everything they touch.

Mitt Romney Slow Jams The News With Jimmy Fallon

This week, not to be outdone on “slow-jamming the news” by President Obama, Mitt Romney took the mic (but didn’t drop it at the end, like our POTUS). Sandwiched between Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, the result was hilarious.

White House Says, “Let’s Be Clear, Benghazi Was a Long Time Ago.”


Ask the U.S. Ambassador’s wife if it feels like Benghazi happened “a long time ago.” Ask any Navy S.E.A.L. if Benghazi has left their memories yet. Ask the mothers and fathers of our fallen soldiers who acted like soldiers, heroes who deserve the respect of all Americans for their sacrifice in a futile attempt to protect U.S. civilans and military.

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