Today’s Fearful Democrat

To my Democrat friends, 

There’s no ambiguity in Lois Lerner’s guilt in the IRS scandal.  Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th Amendment, which is her right under the Constitution.  She knows she is guilty, but she also won’t provide the rope to hang herself. 

It’s good that the Constitution is there to protect her, and all Americans. OK, but there is much more evidence beyond Lerner’s own admission, so why aren’t Democrats like YOU interested in prosecuting her?  

Don’t you want to know what your party’s doing behind your back?

Why are you more interested in going to the mat, to cover for an admitted criminal, including defending what appears to be an outright lie – that she “lost” two years’ worth of emails – as opposed to making sure government is not encroaching on our own rights?

You think Democratic leaders aren’t GLAD you’re silence is giving them the illegal power to do this? What are you afraid of? Do you think they won’t turn on YOU too?

Do you think the IRS targeting conservative groups today, won’t turn into the IRS targeting environmental groups in years to come, since the majority of Americans won’t say a thing, or lift a finger to right this wrong?

You think Republicans won’t do the same thing, when they take power, knowing that people like YOU didn’t care enough to stand up and defend yourself? Hey, people in power are easily corrupted, and they will take every single centimeter of power you give them, and more. Don’t think that not standing up now will somehow save you later from your rights being taken away.

She’s already admitted her guilt, but it’s up to the commission and the courts to prosecute her. So, why aren’t Democrats focused on correcting the problem?

Fear of reprisal much?


Photo by Diana Parkhouse

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