Child protected by his mother

You Can’t Have My Kids

You can’t have my kids.⁣

You don’t get their health, their bodies, their ears, or their minds. ⁣

They have been given to ME to raise and steward, and are mine to protect. They are not up for the taking. ⁣

I won’t let them think growing up with everyone in masks, and distance from their friends, and fear of everything is normal.

Nope, we will instead laugh, extend kindness, have peace and play! ⁣

They will not believe their bodies are flawed or in need of being calibrated with a for profit syringe. We will allow our immune systems to remain intact and give them a chance to work and shine – just as God designed.⁣

They will not blindly fall in line with what they are told to believe, to say, to do. We will learn about manipulation, chosen narratives, and tunneled information; we will dig into the data, look at all sides, and do our due diligence in seeking out the truth.

They will understand the WHY behind our choices, and learn to flex the muscles it takes to defend. ⁣

They will learn to ask questions and have the confidence to find the answers when the ones being given seem off or just don’t make sense. ⁣

They will be given the words by ME to stand, rise, fight, love and LIVE.⁣

They will know what LOVE feels like and how to offer it freely to others in return. ⁣

We will NOT live in fear. ⁣

You can take away their place of schooling and attempt to mandate what goes into their bodies, but I have news for you: my creativity in the preservation of their world will not go down without the fiercest fight.⁣

My drive knows no bounds, and my babies are not an inconvenience to me.⁣

They are my fuel, my fire, my LIFE.⁣

This new life being offered is getting ugly.

We will live, we will fight and we will love!
Welcome to the year of the Mother.

You CANNOT have our kids. ⁣⁣




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