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Fraser Island, Australia - Offroad
A Trip To Fraser Island, Australia: Roughing It In Style 600 375 Citisun

A Trip To Fraser Island, Australia: Roughing It In Style

If you’re up for an authentic adventure, head on over to Fraser Island, off the coast of eastern Australia. Bring your all-wheel drive vehicle and a UEV-490 Trailer too! This video segment will either take you on a mini adventure, or leave you wondering, “Why would ANYONE EVER do that?”

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Oprah Winfrey on BBC: In order for racism to go away, people have to die.
Oprah on Racists: “They Have To Die” 575 400 Citisun

Oprah on Racists: “They Have To Die”

A wise person once said, "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I don't think Oprah Winfrey was following that line of thinking when she sat down for this trainwreck BBC interview. Oprah lets her inner Macheavelli hang out. She did realize the red light was lit up on the camera, didn't she?  read more
I Want This Boat 150 150 Citisun

I Want This Boat

This catamaran prototype can’t come out on the market soon enough for me. 😉

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FARM:shop Opens In East London 150 150 Citisun

FARM:shop Opens In East London

Conceived and created by the social design practice Something & Son, FARM:shop opened in March 2011, transforming a previously derelict shop in Dalston Lane into a fertile centre for food production and allowing city dwellers to catch a whiff of the countryside in East London. It is run as an urban farming hub that houses an Aquaponic for fish farming, a hightech indoor allotment, a rooftop chicken coop and a polytunnel used as a greenhouse. read more
Shame on Subaru of Witchita
How To Turn a Labor Dispute Into a Marketing Opportunity 597 209 Citisun

How To Turn a Labor Dispute Into a Marketing Opportunity

When there was a local labor dispute going on at Witchita Subaru dealership, the protestors brought out the big guns, with this sign: It reads: "Shame on Subaru of Witchita."   Smeone cooked up a clever response, placing it alongside the original sign, with the same font, coloring, and size:   Theirs reads: "For Having Unbeatable Prices."   The result?read more
Guy Kawasaki
Evangelize Your Faith, Not Your Hipster Brand 1024 512 Citisun

Evangelize Your Faith, Not Your Hipster Brand

I bump into tech folks often these days who have the word "Evangelist" in their title, or even "Chief Evangelist." Yeah, I get it. "Evangelize" had that cool factor, ever since Guy Kawasaki coined it over two decades ago to promote the Apple brand. Since leaving Apple, among other endeavors (Google, etc.), he's now the Chief Evangelist for Canva, a design software firm – same hat, different cattle.  Guy was, and is one of the modern technology sector's greatest minds. He coined, and defined Evangelization Marketing for technology, brilliantly borrowing a word from the Christian faith at a time when Christians weren't all that excited about spreading the good word. In a world chock-full of young turks all too eager to spend Sunday mornings hacking vs. praying, evangelizing tech became an instant hit with Gen-Xers from Silicon Valley to Boston Harbor. But that was then. This is now. OK Guy, you had your turn. Can we have our word back now? read more
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