22 Facts About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

22 Interesting Facts About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Here Are Top 22 Interesting Facts About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS):

#1 It is one of several conditions, known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, which results from alcohol exposure during the mother’s pregnancy.

#2 Individuals with FAS may have problems with their hearing, memory, vision, attention span, and capabilities to communicate and learn. This can happen due to the fact that alcohol in the mother’s blood passes to her developing fetus through the placenta.

#3 The amount of alcohol ingested during pregnancy to cause the syndrome is still unknown, however, women should completely avoid alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

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Elon Must Schools Detroit on how to sell cars

Detroit Just Got Crushed By Elon Musk

Sometimes, you need an innovator to show you what you didn't know you were missing.

Innovation and disruption of the big auto's outdated ways has been the Tesla trajectory since Elon Musk founded the company back in 2003. Yes, it's been almost 15 years, can you believe it? Last week, Elon Musk showed why he's the most feared car salesman on earth. On Thursday, Elon Musk conducted what will go down in history as the largest crowdfunding campaign ever, with servers at full capacity, taking in $1,000 at a time, with total sales commitments in excess of $12 Billion (and the tally board is still clicking).

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Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan: Two Thumbs Up!

I love games, but I'm one of those stick-in-the-muds that has to warm up to playing. Earlier this week, my daughter and son-in-law warmed me up to a game I had never heard of, called "Settlers of Catan." Apparently, I've been missing out, because this board game is beyond trending. Well, now, I'm hooked. We played till midnight last night (a work night!), and while I lost for the fourth time, and I'm not a very kind loser, I'm starting to get the hang of it. 

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Hostmanship: The Art of Creating a Welcoming Culture

If you're in business, a non-profit organization, membership association or any group that cares about creating an authentically welcoming culture, you're going to love this introductory video from Jan Gunnarsson, author and speaker. Thank you to friend Sarah Watz, for referring this to me to share with others.

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Seeing black and blue

Why Is It So Hard To See Black And Blue? Salvation Army's Powerful Campaign To Fight Abuse Against Women and Children

Someone was thinking, when they created this powerful image on behalf of Carehaven, a program operated by the Salvation Army in Capetown, South Africa. The infamous "black and blue, or is it gold and white" dress was featured by the Salvation Army in this hard-hitting campaign.

Domestic abuse affects many women in South Africa. One in every four women is a victim of domestic violence, and every six hours a woman is killed by her intimate partner. Many women fall into a cycle of abuse, moving from one destructive situation to another.

Abuse impacts on every aspect of a women’s life, destroyed self esteem. The Salvation Army provides several shelters for abused women and their children and an opportunity for them to find healing and learn skills that will empower them to cope as self-reliant members of society.

Carehaven is situated in Athlone, Western Cape, and offers sanctuary and short term housing to up to 60 women who are victims of domestic abuse and their children. Although a strong Christian emphasis in maintained, women of all races and creeds are embraced, and no one is ever turned away due to lack of money.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if sellers of "THE" dress would donate a percentage of their profits to Carehaven and domestic abuse causes? Hey, put some pressure on the makers of the dress and retailers too, maybe we could start something good!

To help, or for more information about Carehaven, go here

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China's Little-Known Clone of Paris

Another One of China's Empty Cities: This is Just Weird. 

Paris, China? Someone in China thought it was a great idea to clone Paris, France. So, they built its nearly identical twin city, at nearly full scale. Seriously! Check out this video. They also built the world's largest shopping center which opened in 2011, and promptly failed. So, what do you do when the streets of Faux Paris are empty, and the Mall of More Air-ica go belly up?

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Is The Future of Cities Under Ground?

Helsinki did it. London's planning for it. New York's thinking about it.

Here's a little taste of what the future could bring with "earthscrapers" replacing skyscrapers, underground parks and more.

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A Trip To Fraser Island, Australia: Roughing It In Style

If you're up for an authentic adventure, head on over to Fraser Island, off the coast of eastern Australia. Bring your all-wheel drive vehicle and a UEV-490 Trailer too! This video segment will either take you on a mini adventure, or leave you wondering, "Why would ANYONE EVER do that?"

Fraser Island, Australia - Offroad

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Oprah on Racists: "They Have To Die"

A wise person once said, "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I don't think Oprah Winfrey was following that line of thinking when she sat down for this trainwreck BBC interview. Oprah lets her inner Macheavelli hang out. She did realize the red light was lit up on the camera, didn't she? 

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I Want This Boat

This catamaran prototype can't come out on the market soon enough for me. ;)

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How To Turn a Labor Dispute Into a Marketing Opportunity

When there was a local labor dispute going on at Witchita Subaru dealership, the protestors brought out the big guns, with this sign:

Shame on Subaru of Witchita

It reads: "Shame on Subaru of Witchita."


Smeone cooked up a clever response, placing it alongside the original sign, with the same font, coloring, and size:

For having unbeatable prices


Theirs reads: "For Having Unbeatable Prices."


The result?

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FARM:shop Opens In East London

Conceived and created by the social design practice Something & Son, FARM:shop opened in March 2011, transforming a previously derelict shop in Dalston Lane into a fertile centre for food production and allowing city dwellers to catch a whiff of the countryside in East London. It is run as an urban farming hub that houses an Aquaponic for fish farming, a hightech indoor allotment, a rooftop chicken coop and a polytunnel used as a greenhouse.

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Frozen: Idina Menzel Sings "Let It Go" On Jimmy Fallon

Not that the song "Let It Go" needs any cute little instrumental version to bring you up and start your say off right, so think of this as an extra shot of Sunshine Moment Espresso, brewed up special by Idina Menzel and Jimmy Fallon.

"Travolta never bothered me anyway."  *mic drop*

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Nailed It: Conference Call In Real Life

Conference Call In Real Life is a HIT on YouTube right now. It's an awesome depiction of what it's REALLY like to join a conference call today, whether it's via phone or online. Can you relate?

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Coca-Cola's Own Weight Problem Won't Go Away.

We challenge Coca-Cola to truly solve the obesity problem first.
Coca-Cola's recent ad campaign is trending on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and it's no wonder why. The mixing of "It's the real thing" campaign of the 1970s resonates in their new series of messages, which get intertwined with political messages, written in the tone of "perfect harmony;" but they hit on divisive issues, sparking controversy. 

The backlash sure looks pre-meditated. It sure looks like they're practicing the art of political distraction to keep us "average Joes" from focusing on their own highly political morbid obesity problem. But what do I know...

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Too Thin To Win: Rachel Fredrickson's Matthew MacConaughey Moment

Thin To Win.
Did The Biggest Loser Just Jump The Shark When Rachel Fredrickson Stunned the Audience?

The Biggest Loser's live finale ushered in the show's first Matthew McConaughey moment last night, as winner Rachel Fredrickson took the prize in front of a stunned audience. Ending up at a svelt 105 pounds, she lost 155 pounds of her former self.

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Content By Satan: CBS Airs a Real Satanic Ritual During Prime Time

GRAMMYS #FAIL with CBS Satanic performance

Yes, that really was a Satanic Ritual you may have buzzed past, when you were flipping through the channels, and caught a glimpse of the worst. GRAMMYS. EVER, broadcasted to over 28 million viewers on CBS last night. It can't get much lower than this.

Sorry to see so many artists, demeaned by the Recording Academy's incredibly poor judgment, to broadcast this very real, and very dangerous content. If the Recording Academy Foundation (org behind the GRAMMYS) had any credibility, it should issue an apology to viewers, as should CBS.

(embedded video removed - no reason to share the trash with others, and help CBS)

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30 Years Ago, Steve Jobs First Introduced the World to the New Apple Macintosh. Watch the Unveiling In This Historic Video

In January of 1984, Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple Macintosh publicly for the first time to a packed house at the Boston Computer Society. A little over a year later, Steve Jobs would be booted from the driver's seat (only to return after an eleven year banishment). Time Magazine got the exclusive to debut this 90-minute video of computer history this week. The whole story is beautifully shared here, by Time's Harry McCracken.

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When We're Marketing Marketing, Something's Wrong

I'm just old enough to remember when the USA was not only known for, but proud of things we make. As I was shoveling the driveway yesterday in zero-degrees (F), I got to thinking

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