Ten Commandments

The All-Time Number One Self-Help Book: The Ten Commandments

Some of us may need a reminder of how to conduct our everyday lives. So, what better primary resource than two tablets of stone, authored by God circa 1446 BC, and published by Moses. Turns out, there's no greater self-help book than the Ten Commandments. 

Nations' entire legal systems are written based on these ten simple rules that. So do more rules – volumes and volumes of laws – ensure we're better citizens? After a few thousand years of history, it's pretty clear that the original "cliff note," literally carved out of a Mount Sinai cliff, is the best self-help guide we could ever want. Let's follow these ten rules first, what do you say? 

The official abridged version is above (see graphic). Go with that version, but here's another way of saying it:

  1. There is only one true God. He comes first.
  2. Don't worship false idols; don't fall for fame or fortune, work, or anything to replace God.
  3. Don't use God's name in vain; don't take God for granted. Don't swear, or misconstrue His will.
  4. Take Sundays off to get to know God better, and be one with Him.
  5. Honor your father and mother. They're the only ones you've got.
  6. Don't kill people. Seems obvious, but some folks still can't follow this one.
  7. If you're married, be faithful to your spouse, and be happy. Don't tempt others to wander either.
  8. Don't steal what's not yours. 
  9. Don't lie. Everything falls apart when you lie.
  10. Don't want for things. That viscious cycle will waste your life away.


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