The Only Solution: Decommission The IRS

It’s time to decommission the IRS. Sink the rusty old ship, before it sinks us.

On February 2nd, before the Superbowl, Barack Obama was interviewed by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly. Among other questions, Obama was asked whether there is any corruption going on inside the IRS. President Obama infamously answered “not a smidgeon of corruption.”

Was he being fetecious? Sarcastic? Arrogant? The President of the United States of America couldn’t have been less presidential, in front of  about one third of the world’s population. I’m sure the IRS wasn’t appreciative of that kind of “support” either.

“I Want To Be a Democrat.”

You just gotta love this tweet. I have made it my quote of the day, from Independent Journal Review‘s Managing Editor, Kyle Becker:   I want everything in life paid for while taking no responsibility. I want to take offense and call you a “racist.” I want to be a Democrat. — IJReview Ed. (@kylenbecker) February 16, 2014

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