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Why we have Lent
Faithful 40 For Lent (Revised) 1024 512 John Coonen

Faithful 40 For Lent (Revised)

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I thought I'd "give up" something new this year for Lent. Instead of intending to finally write something here on Citisun about faith, I'd actually commit to it, in a very visible way. So the commitment I decided to make is to create 40 articles about my faith, over the 46 days of Lent. read more
Why we have Lent
Father Barron: What is Lent? 1024 512 Citisun

Father Barron: What is Lent?

In this video, Father (now Bishop) Robert Barron delivers an excellent description of the Christian celebration of Lent. For another execellent perspective on Lent, Relevant Magazine’s Ann Swindell shares four key reasons for Lent: 1) Lent is a reminder of our need to repent; 2) Lent is a paring down of our excesses; 3) Lent reminds us of our humanity; and 4) Lent sobers us, in order to prepare for celebration (Easter). See Ann’s full article here.  

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