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County By County Launches Campaign

By James Pugh, edited by John Coonen

A citizen-first fundraising campaign just launched, called County By County. The campaign is seeking to raise $50,000 per state – a total of $2.5 million – to focus on improving the nation by starting with a hyper focus on making seven key improvements at a community level first.

The initiative has already begun recruiting and activating citizens in each of America’s 3,143 U.S. counties. Fundraising Campaign leader and Citisun contributor James Pugh is the founder of Texas-based educational center called God Is Government.

Hyperlocal Fundraising Campaign Seeks To Help Patriots Regain Their Individual Sovereignty

County By County is a grassroots, patriot-led movement founded in FAITH and KNOWLEDGE that utilizes peaceful, bold, and loud engagement actions on a local and county level with the intention of returning America to her Constitutional Republic origins and reclaiming our foundations of faith.

The goal of County By County is to create action groups in each of the 3,143 counties in the United States by building on an intimate knowledge of the political, cultural, economic, legal, educational, and informational realities that exist in the local areas we live.

This provides the foundation for peaceful, targeted strategies and actions to return U.S. Counties to the strongholds of sovereignty and Constitutional liberty.

This fund is to allow Patriots to get involved in taking back our individual sovereignty as provided by God and written into our documents by our Founding Fathers supporting the grassroots activity, county-by-county.

Funding Goal: $2.5M

This allows each donor to identify which state they would like to designate to receive the benefits from this fund raising effort. We guarantee 100% of the money will go to offset expenses in setting up and training local communities in the process of taking back their God given right of sovereignty.

If donations are not earmarked to a specific state, County By County will consider them a general donation to be used in support of all states.

Seven Pillars of Success

County By County Needs Seven Pillars To Be Successful:

  1. 1. Informed Action: this includes education on the current state affairs, revised true histories, mapping the political terrain and developing targeted action plans to transform the governance in a county back to a place of Constitutionality and a foundation in GOD.
  2. 2. Patriot Gardens: This is a renaming of “Victory Gardens” whereby each person works within their means and the limits of their domicile to grow some or all of the food they consume. This is a gateway initiative that rekindles the spirit if being accountable for what we consume and provide in our lives.
  3. 3. Home Churches: In the intent of Christ and the legacy of Paul, the rekindling of the teachings of our LORD in small groups in our homes.
  4. 4. Home Schooling: Reclaiming the nurturing of our children, building community and instilling the ideals of free thought, FAITH in GOD, service to community and developing the deep knowledge that leads to our gifts and talents.
  5. 5. Right Work: Resetting our livelihoods to be built upon the Gifts and Talents God has given us to release us from the yokes of Government and / or Corporate masters.
  6. 6. Health and Healing: The creation of county medical facilities based on natural cures, herbal medicine, fitness, proper diet , prayer as well as R&D to expand this knowledge to new levels.
  7. 7. Energy: Develop energy independence in each county.

See Jim’s original post here on God Is Government, and the County By County GoFundMe campaign, here.

James Pugh

About the Author

James (Jim) Pugh is an MBA, life coach and instructor of business related courses. Jim, for the past 35 years has studied the theological concepts of ancient scriptures and the practical applications in today’s world. In his business international travels, he took the time to speak to leaders of various religious denominations to create a perspective of cultural religious beliefs today. Jim has taught a spiritual perspective of world history and most recently has addressed the current spiritual war the world is experiencing today in radio interviews and podcasts. Jim lectures about spiritual concepts and history and continues to develop for himself an understanding God’s rules, principles and laws and how they apply to the nasty and chaotic world we live in. It is his hope that he may be a grain of sand with a loud voice to provide hope to all people that may listen.

We warmly welcome James Pugh as a Contributor to Citisun!

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