Quit living in fear

Quit Living In Fear. Just Make Them Fire You.

It’s time to hold the line, folks. Stand up to vax mandates by Communist sympathizing employers. This is our one chance to stop employers from being the government’s slave drivers, and take back our country’s biggest employers. It’s simple (not easy): Just Say “NO” to unethical vax mandates.

Even many of those who already volunteered to take the jab know in their hearts, forced injection is just plain wrong. So here’s my advice, for your own good and the good of your family, community, and nation…

For those facing the real aspect of being fired and are thinking, “Easy for you to say, you’re not on the firing line” know this – I run a marketing consulting firm, and I WAS FIRED by weak-minded clients, unwilling to stand up for free speech and afraid to speak out on the injustices going on today related to the health/tech sector, which is chock full of Communist sympathizers and FEAR-FILLED PINOs (Patriots In Name Only).

So I get it – standing firm certainly puts your career at risk and all that goes with it (stability, reputation, status, enjoyment, relationships, etc). I’ve felt the sting of being stabbed in the back by those whom I trusted, and it still hurts today, losing tens of thousands of dollars and two years of my time, and much more in ownership options.

I got over it, and learned a far more valuable lesson: it’s better not to invest God’s gifts in ventures whose leaders are not willing to stand up to evil.

Call Them Out (and call their bluff)

BE BRAVE! FORCE THEM to do what they’re threatening to do — either fire you and risk their turmoil (including their own bankruptcy), or expose their bluff, and watch many fold like lawn chairs when they face the reality of what will happen to their own operations if they fire half their workforce.

If we do this together, we all win. Look at this “scary time” as an opportunity to stare evil in the face and put them in their place. I know, it’s not easy to put your own career and your family’s security at risk, but as they say, “If not now, when? If not you, who?”

Risk Factors

The short-term risks of a vax are severe; the long-term risks are not all known, but hundreds of health care scientists and professionals are now ON THE RECORD, stating clearly that the risks are formidable. Not only that, your God-given unalienable rights are being walked on by employers who are either paid off and corrupt, full of fear, or inept. Backing down to corruption, fear and ineptitude is not a good habit to get into, is it?

If you back down now, do you think they ever stop taking away your freedoms?

Smart business leaders (the ones who aren’t being paid off by Communist handlers) won’t fire you, because they know there’s a huge financial risk by doing so:

  • Payouts are incalculable. Termination isn’t cheap. I know of one school district that is already offering one year paid leave to employees who have resisted their threats. Will they be able to afford this when hundreds of other teachers and staff catch on to the big payday for resisting the vax? Hell no.
  • Legal threat. Very real risk of lawsuits and class actions
  • Boycotts, baby. 80M+ patriots will boycott major brands and obliterate sales 
  • Replacement costs. Unanticipated cost of hiring new employees and training those replacements will devastate their balance sheet 
  • No inventory. If you thought hiring was tough now, just wait.

Meanwhile, smart business leaders have already ramped up hiring constitution-supporting employees, and THEY will represent a bright future for this country, and the world. 

But What If I Get Fired?

So if you get axed and they don’t come back real soon, begging for you to come back (many will), wear it as a badge of courage and honor! Then go work for good people, and take some solace over the next year as you watch your past employer fail miserably, along with hundreds of brands we all once respected, but now know are downright backstabbers.

Don’t let them bully you into taking the jab, going against your God given rights, or force you to quit your job. And to those of you who already volunteered to be injected, I hope you’ll join me in supporting our freedom to choose, and you’ll join us in fighting those who are knowingly taking away our God-given freedoms.


You have a stronger hand than you think, and together, we can do away with corporate colonialism very quickly!  The sooner we bankrupt these corporate cronies by NOT giving them our time and talents in exchange for their so-called “treasure,” the sooner we can replace their leadership and rebuild them into legitimate organizations

Take further solace in knowing this irony: They brought this all on themselves.

Losers gonna lose it all.

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