Oprah Winfrey on BBC: In order for racism to go away, people have to die.

Oprah on Racists: “They Have To Die”

A wise person once said, “Hate the sin, not the sinner.” I don’t think Oprah Winfrey was following that line of thinking when she sat down for this trainwreck BBC interview. Oprah lets her inner Macheavelli hang out. She did realize the red light was lit up on the camera, didn’t she? 

So, yeah, I get what you’re saying, Oprah. I’ve heard many people flippantly say such things – when they were fifteen, or severely intoxicated, or both. Media and political leaders should be a lot more careful with the words they choose, and how they say them. It’s comments like this which get people injured or killed, when people at such high levels of influence utter them. We’re all human, and we all have our weak moments, but she took her time preparing to utter those words, and she says in the BBC interview that she has “said it before,” too. 

It’s a dangerous line Oprah crossed there, and continues to cross, with bitterness in her heart. This is not an inarticulate person. Oprah is the world’s top interviewer, and holds sway among millions of loyal followers. She herself has proven to be highly influential in her politics and in her ability to make (and break) the world’s top celebrities, authors and business leaders. 

Racism, like any sin, is bad behavior, and needs to be corrected, for the betterment of everyone. Let’s kill the behavior, not the people committing the act.

When asked whether racism was at the root of why President Barack Obama has earned such disrespect, she clearly articulates it is racism at the root of the problem. How ironic is that? Coming from an African American woman, who has earned the respect and trust of millions of people? Could the real problem be that people don’t trust Barack Obama?

No, that could not be, Oprah declares, it’s racism. She could not be more wrong. 

Be the solution, Oprah. Wake up and realize, when leaders break the trust of their citizens by lying, forcing unjust laws upon them, and taking their liberties away, that leader, no matter what race, will earn disrespect.

Like many people, Oprah has been the victim of racism, so I empathize with her pain, and despite this terrible interview, I respect her and her accomplishments; however, following her downright juvenile and dangerous line of thinking she articulated clearly in this interview, in order for any one of our world’s many shortcomings to go away, “people have to die.”

Newsflash for Oprah Winfrey:

  • Racism won’t go away when the world’s most extreme racists die, it will live on;
  • Sexism won’t die when sexists kick the bucket;
  • Crime won’t go away tomorrow, even if all the world’s criminals died today;
  • Wealthism and class hatred won’t fade away, even if the USA’s 1% were to spontaneously combust today either.

Watch the video, as she qualifies her answer by focusing on “people of the deep south,” and other such bunk, but then goes on to point her finger at everyone who has no respect for our current President (myself surely included) a racist.  

C’mon, Oprah, you’re no fool. You’ve been lied to by this President, just like the rest of us — and in my humble opinion, you should be damn mad at him for doing it too. Admitting one’s errs is the only way to start to solve the problem, but you, along with the world’s media and political elite, don’t seem to be capable of finding any fault whatsoever in Barack Obama’s management of the country.

Or are you just too blind to see? You may not admit it, but time and time again, in my opinion, he’s proven himself quite incompetent for the job of President Of The United States. From his management of the recent Taliban Five prisoner swap to a bungled Benghazi Ambassador assassination (evoking religious and racial hatred, along with a healthy dose of American self-loathing with a blatant lie he told with the infamous “demonstrator video”), to his improper, uninformed and racist diatribe against George Zimmerman in the Travon Martin case (“Trayvon could be my son”), which ended up inflaming the whole country, he’s proven himself incapable of leading a country in a positive direction. Through his actions and his words, Barack Obama has condoned racism and hatred toward non-African Americans, rather than solving the problems he’s been challenged to solve. He’s in over his head.

And yes, Oprah, as you said in your interview, I know it hurt, to witness a member of our own U.S. Congress, calling our President a “liar” during his State of The Union Address, but I assure you three things:

a) White Anglo-Saxon Presidents long before televised State of The Union Addresses have heard it before;
b) They deserved it too; and
c) The act of calling the President a “liar” won’t end when all the arrogant members of Congress die.


Oprah Winfrey on BBC: In order for racism to go away, people have to die.


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